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Gamma Quality Provides Complete
Turn-Key Accreditation Consulting
to help you earn and maintain ACR Accreditation
in your Nuclear Medicine, PET, or Nuclear Cardiology Lab

The American College or Radiology, or ACR, is one of the first organizations to develop and promote Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation. ACR Accreditation is recognized by those Insurers requiring Accreditation as a condition of reimbursement. The ACR is working to be selected as an official Accrediting Body for MIPPA regulations. There are currently no Accrediting Bodies specified in the legislation, though the ACR is widely expected to be selected.

Gamma Quality has been providing ACR Accreditation support for Midwest Imaging sites for several years and has an excellent history of assisting sites succeed in earning Accreditation. Not only are we experts in the performance of the required Physics Testing and Phantom Imaging, we have a great deal of experience actually operating YOUR imaging equipment. In most cases, we can operate your gamma camera or PET scanner without any assistance from your technologist staff. This frees your Techs to concentrate on their area of expertise, while we concentrate on ours! There is no need to schedule camera down-time while the required testing is performed. In many cases, if your equipment is not operating up to specifications, we have the expertise and equipment to return it to proper working conditions, often eliminating a need for an expensive service call. This also greatly reduces the time required to complete the required imaging.

We are also very experienced in preparing the documents are clinical cases required for submission. We know what the ACR is looking for and what they are not. We know the pitfalls and the areas where many sites struggle. We can assist you efficiently move through the Accreditation process.

from the ACR website...

The ACR stands ready to help providers meet the UnitedHealthcare accreditation standard. The accreditation section of the ACR Web site features extensive information to help facilities start the accreditation process and answer pertinent questions. Certified technologists are available to guide providers through the accreditation process as well.

With a long history of providing accreditation for diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology services dating back to 1963 and nearly 22,000 accredited facilities across the United States, the ACR has the infrastructure and experience in processing high volumes of applications to help qualified facilities readily gain accredited status. The ACR encourages facilities to apply early, not delay, and avoid any potential issues that might interfere with obtaining timely accreditation.

ACR accreditation is an efficient process of both self-assessment and independent external audit, based on the ACR guidelines and technical standards, which assesses the qualifications of personnel, policies and procedures, equipment specifications, QA activities, patient safety, and ultimately the quality of patient care.

The purpose of these programs is to set quality standards for practices and help them continuously improve the quality of care they provide to their patients. The College will continue to keep members informed of any developments as the UnitedHealthcare accreditation process moves forward.

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